What next: 2010 Youth Trends Report

"The future is here... It's just not evenly distributed." This quote from William Gibson is a fitting opening to Graham Brown's 2010 Youth...

26 Jan 2010 2375 Views

“The future is here… It’s just not evenly distributed.” This quote from William Gibson is a fitting opening to Graham Brown’s 2010 Youth Trends report. If you are marketing to this segment then I think you will find these three presentations of value. But even if your marketing is not youth-oriented, I would encourage you to take a look.

This report is about youth, but it’s just as much about what’s next with regard to mainstream marketing. Concepts such as Co-Shopping, Earned Media, Peer-to-Peer and the overall shift to mobile platforms are not concepts that are exclusive to kids. It’s just that they are the first to exploit them and explore their potential. Any business could profit from these insights.


2010 Youth Trends Report Part1

2010 Youth Trends Report Part 2

2010 Youth Trends Report Part3


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