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The best way we can add value to your company is to grow your revenue, profit, and brand equity. And, the best way to do that is with Duffy Agency's Moso Growth Program. If, instead, you have a more specific need, then you’ll find individual services listed below as well.

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Moso Growth Program

Moso Growth Program – Duffy Agency

Moso bamboo is not only one of the world’s fastest growing plants, it’s also among the strongest. That, in essence, is the goal of the program. Our core service offer is designed to help a company achieve rapid business growth, typically within a three-year time frame.


The project is run by a multidisciplinary core team consisting of a senior marketing strategist, digital marketing analyst, researcher, project leader, and project coordinator. This team is supplemented with specialists in:

  • SEO
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Online Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Omni-channel Marketing


This is a 4-phase project. The objective is to reach ambitious mid-term growth objectives in the most cost/time effective manner possible.

  • Phases I & II / Strategic Consulting: Fixed-price based on the size of the current business
  • Phase III / Digital Creative: Cost plus 5%
  • Phase IV / Online Management: Cost plus performance-based fee

Several payment options are available. Contact us to discuss options for your company.

Phase I: Triage & Growth Assessment

We start with Triage to identify critical areas where we can increase performance immediately while the larger program is being put in place. Our Growth Assessment then defines the market opportunities and threats as well as the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This is presented in a one-day workshop where the following topics are discussed and finalized:

  • 6-month Triage Plan
  • Market Analysis
  • Gap & SWOT Analysis
  • Comparative Online Marketing Assessment & Recommendation
  • Marketing Mix Analysis & Recommendation
  • Brand Strategy Assessment

Phase II: Growth Strategy

During Phase II, our research and strategy work from the previous phase is drawn upon to define concrete growth objectives for the business. Duffy Agency then sets those objectives into a timeline with milestones and metrics to measure progress along the way. Results are presented in a one-day workshop where the following deliverables are discussed and refined:

  • Three-year Roadmap & Milestones
  • 12-Month Marketing Plan
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Proposal
  • SEO Strategy
  • Search & Social Advertising Plan
  • Metrics & Reporting Plan
  • Implementation Action Plan

Phase III: Implementation

Phase III is where we start building. This typically involves Duffy Agency updating the brand’s web presence. The aim is to create a unified digital presence where every digital asset is working off the same strategy and drawing on its strengths to achieve the brand’s growth objectives. This usually takes around 12 weeks, depending on the extent of work required, such as:

  • New Website / Web Shop
  • Marketing Automation
  • Profiles on Social Sites
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Online Networking (Social Media) Strategy
  • Digital Asset Plans & Play Books
  • Content Creation

Phase IV: Value Creation

A brilliant strategy and web presence is only half the battle. Results come from how online assets are managed day-to-day and integrated with off-line activities. During Phase IV, Duffy Agency provides a range of brand-management talent to start growing your business. Our performance-based management fee ensures that we’re as motivated to succeed as you are.

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Buyer/Market Insights
  • Brand Story Telling
  • Content Marketing Programs
  • Trade Show & Event Strategy
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Search & Social Advertising
  • Social Media Programs
  • SEO Management



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Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

It’s tempting to go-it-alone when developing growth strategies for your brand. After all, who knows your company and products better than you? But, as with psychotherapy, dentistry, and marriage counseling, the do-it-yourself approach isn’t likely to work even though – and especially since – you’re closest to the subject matter. What our brand strategists provide, in addition to expertise, is the distance and perspective that clients cannot achieve on their own. It’s that combination of expertise, perspective, and insight that can break inertia and propel your brand to the next level

Growth Assessment

What is the market opportunity for your company and how could digital technology help you realize more of it? This is the key question we explore in our growth assessment. It’s often the case that people inside the company are too close to see growth opportunities for their business. This is particularly true for digital growth opportunities where many executives have a blind spot. We supplement this with an outside perspective that is both digitally-competent and internationally focused. This assessment identifies new growth opportunities and defines how the company could best capitalize on them.

Target & Market Insights

Every marketing decision made is based on assumptions about your target and the market. That’s why, before Duffy Agency develops target personas and their path-to-purchase, we like to test those assumptions. Our aim is to understand a company’s prospects and market trends better than its competitors, and then to act on that information before they do. Duffy Agency offers a range of techniques to deliver timely and actionable insights on a global basis.

Brand Development Strategy

How does a brand become unique and remain so? The risk with most brand strategies is that they can get so caught up in theories, models, and pretty words that they offer little in the way of actionable advice. Duffy Agency takes a more practical approach. Our five-step brand development process works outward from a client’s business objectives to identify and quantify new growth opportunities. We then define the most competitive target segments, category, value proposition, position, and profile to reach its objectives. All of our strategies are delivered with a road map and timeline with concrete milestones to guide a brand’s growth.

Online/Digital Strategy

The internet has developed a nasty reputation for gobbling up marketing budgets without yielding business results — if there’s no strategy in place to prevent it. Duffy Agency’s digital strategy identifies new growth opportunities online and demonstrates how to derive the most awareness, engagement, and conversion from online activities. We work outward from a client’s brand strategy and existing online assets to define the optimal digital footprint for the brand. This includes clear objectives and KPIs for all digital assets and activities. As with all Duffy Agency strategy documents, it concludes with a road map and timeline to guide implementation.

SEO Strategy

Using keyword research, trend analysis, and competitive profiling, Duffy Agency determines the keywords that would be best for the brand to rank highly on. Then we devise a strategy of how to best use both on-page and off-page SEO tactics to start building rank and attracting more of the right prospects.

Content Strategy

If a brand is online, it is already engaging in content marketing. A solid strategy will ensure that your own online presence attracts the appropriate audience and conveys the right brand message. Duffy Agency Content Strategists work closely with our SEO and Target Insight teams to attract the best prospects early in their path-to-purchase, long before competitors have a chance to introduce themselves.

Networking (Social Media) Strategy

Today, a brand is defined, in large part, by how it behaves online. A networking strategy ensures that online behavior sends a clear and consistent message that is in sync with the brand. Duffy Agency divides this work into reactive vs. proactive strategies. The reactive strategy defines how the brand responds to prospects, customers, competitors, and world events. The proactive strategy defines how the brand targets, locates, and reaches out to initiate relationships.


Digital Creative

Digital Creative

How do you judge creativity? You could look at qualities like aesthetic, originality, expressiveness, or cleverness. At Duffy Agency, we add one more criteria: effectiveness. Because if it doesn’t also produce a measurable business result, it’s not creative enough.

At Duffy Agency, we want our creations to make a measurable difference for your business. To ensure that they do, Duffy Agency’s efforts need to serve the brand’s larger strategic purpose and business objectives. We see digital creative services as a natural follow-through to our strategies. That’s why we only provide creative services to clients who have also engaged Duffy Agency for strategy work and do not accept ad-hoc creative assignments.

Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell. What’s yours? Duffy Agency works closely with clients to construct compelling brand back stories and engaging narratives that move the brand forward. These stories are integrated into everything else created for the brand.

Websites and Web Shops

The hub of your digital platform must set the stage for success. Duffy-designed websites and web shops work to attract inbound traffic, demonstrate brand values, and convert visitors into believers. Duffy Agency incorporates the latest marketing automation features. We can develop your next website from concept and wireframes through copy and design to development and hosting.

Online Promotional Campaigns

A regular schedule of online promotions can provide a big boost to the size and engagement level of your online audience. Duffy Agency starts by defining objectives, then can design, produce, and manage your brands online campaigns for optimal results.

Social Media Contests and Engagement Activities

A proven method for boosting awareness, engagement, and followers on social sites. Contests and online activities demonstrate brand values and develop your online audience. Duffy Agency defines the desired metrics to hit, then creates and manages social activities to reach them.

Video strategy & production

Video content has been proven to boost conversion rates as well as lead generation and nurturing efforts. Duffy Agency can help you set-up a video program from scratch or optimize an existing program. Our services cover strategy and planning to production, testing, tracking and analysis.

Newsletters and Other Digital Content

Whether publishing a Facebook stream, blog, YouTube channel, or simple newsletter, Duffy Agency can help with content ideation. We can provide fresh ideas and then, if you need, follow through with editorial calendar management, production management, as well as publishing and promoting your content.

Custom Apps

Custom apps are very effective for taking your message mobile and developing loyalty. Creative use of apps allow brands to demonstrate their values as opposed to simply talking about them. Duffy Agency creates app concepts that reinforce brand values, then we design, develop, produce, and publicize them to drive uptake.


Online Management Services

Online Management Services

A brilliant strategy and website is only half the battle. How your online assets are managed day-to-day is what drives results.

Duffy Agency provides a modular range of online brand-management services to choose from. Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution or would like us to help augment your team, Duffy Agency can help.

Search and Social Advertising

Strategically executed, search and social advertising is an effective way to supplement organic search and inbound marketing efforts. However, the results you achieve can vary widely depending on how the money is invested. Duffy Agency can manage search and social advertising for you. In most cases, we’re able to increase the results by 20% or more.

E-Commerce Management

Who’s running the shop has a big impact on online sales. Duffy Agency can proactively manage your online shop with the objective of optimizing traffic and conversion. We do this with constant A/B testing and adapting to changes in the market. Each quarter, our e-commerce manager provides a benchmarked e-commerce progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Community Management

The community manager oversees social and content programs to ensure they are being run according to plan. These managers provide real-time direction to the various individuals who may be contributing on social media sites or publishing platforms. During critical periods, they can step in for crisis management. They also establish reputation monitoring routines, monitor online buzz, and all platform metrics. Each quarter they report on the platform’s overall performance with analysis and recommendations for course corrections.

Social Media Programs

Duffy Agency creates a strategy and defines success metrics (KPIs) for each social site where the brand has a presence. Then we provide an asset playbook that includes step-by-step instructions on how the social account should be run. After that, we can either train your staff to run these assets or we can run some or all of them for you. In either case, we provide quarterly, benchmarked Social Media progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Content Marketing Programs

Duffy Agency can operationalize content strategy with KPIs, ideation support, sourcing of content creators, and production routines for each asset. After that, we can train staff to manage the editorial calendar, content production, posting, and promotion. Alternatively, we can run part or all of this process for you. We provide quarterly, benchmarked Content Marketing progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

SEO Management

Duffy Agency works with both on-page and off-page SEO proactively to ensure your brand ranks well on its keywords and that its search position is constantly strengthened. This includes ongoing keyword research and trend analysis. We provide quarterly, benchmarked SEO progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Language and Cultural Adaptation

One of the biggest communication challenges for international brands online is keeping up with the need for cultural adaptation and translation. Duffy Agency can help by providing one point of contact to manage all your brand’s language and cultural needs globally. We can set up and run a custom process to ensure timely and cost-effective translation and adaptation.


Workshops and Training

Workshops and Training

We have no trade secrets. If there is a service Duffy Agency provides that you would rather perform in- house, we’ll be more than happy to train your staff and share our knowledge and expertise. In fact, we’re willing to teach you or other marketing firms everything we know.

Duffy Agency’s passion for education began in 2008 when we were invited to teach marketing strategy and digital brand management at Lund University School of Economics and Management. The school offers northern Europe’s most prestigious graduate-level marketing program, so we were honored. Since then, teaching and training has become a part of our core offer. Based on the success of our master’s level programs, we now offer a limited number of customized executive training programs each year to the C-suite, marketing departments, and other marketing communication agencies.


Is everyone on your global marketing team pulling in the same direction? What about people you depend on outside the marketing department? Getting key players on the same page and agreeing on short- and long-term objectives and tactics can be challenging, particularly for international brands. One solution is to engage your team with workshops that generate common understanding, enthusiasm, and focus around your objectives. Duffy Agency’s unique approach to workshops includes customizing the program to your business and unique challenges.

Custom Training

A recent survey indicated that over 80% of marketers feel they lack proper training in digital marketing. Duffy Agency can help by providing your team with the skills and process to run parts or all of your online marketing program. We provide training programs for almost all the online marketing services we provide. Just let us know what you are interested in and we can customize a program. Recent training programs have covered:

  • Online brand awareness & lead generation
  • Online engagement & audience development
  • Content marketing strategy & management
  • Social media strategy & management
  • SEO basics, tactics, and tips

Book a Speaker

Like you, we believe that speaking engagements should be engaging. Book a speaker from Duffy Agency for your next event. We deliver inspired talks on a variety of internet marketing topics customized to your audience and designed to provoke thought and inspire action. Recent talks have included:

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of International Marketing
  • MOSO – The digital growth strategy for mid-sized companies
  • Selling beyond your own market with digital
  • The 8 myths of marketing in China
  • The real reason no one is engaging with your brand online
  • GROW UP – Why start-ups fail and how to beat the odds