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Strategic Marketing Services

Marketing is a broad field encompassing many areas of expertise. We focus on eight core skills applied to the unique needs of international businesses. This allows us to address a myriad of marketing challenges while growing your company’s revenue, profit, and Brand Equity. Using different combinations of our eight core competencies, we create custom programs based on our client’s unique situation, budget, and needs.

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Build your company’s Strategic Marketing competence

Companies that rely on sales efforts alone to drive revenue will eventually find themselves ready to reach the next level of growth with Strategic Marketing. This is a pivotal transition every company will go through at some point. If your company is experiencing diminished returns on it’s sales efforts, increased competition, and/or slimming margins, then you will be looking for ways to strengthen your sales efforts. The best way to do that is to supplement Sales with Strategic Marketing. Contact us about a turn-key solution to help your team adopt a Strategic Marketing approach.

Manage brands through mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations

If not managed properly, these types of activities can wreak havoc with Brand Equity, frustrate managers, and alienate customers. There is a better way and you can start today. Talk to us to learn how.

Reduce risk when entering foreign markets

With every new market comes new challenges. Ask us how we can reduce the risk of new market entry with our proven methodology and support your team with a full suite of localization services.

Rebrand or develop & launch a new brand from scratch

We develop brands around sound marketing strategies and buyer insights providing everything from name and logo development to cultural checks to the finer points of Brand Identity and global implementation.

Create an employer brand that attracts and retains top talent

A strong corporate brand is great for customers but equally beneficial for employees and prospects. Ask how we can help you revitalize your brand to support recruitment and retention efforts.

Unify global marketing strategies and Brand Identity

Certain aspects of the Marketing Strategy, and to a lesser extent the Brand Identity, should be Localized. That said, you do not want to completely reinvent the wheel in each new market. That approach wastes time, resources, and Brand Equity. Contact us to help you develop a unified global Marketing Strategy and Brand Identity with a well-defined localization process.

Create a competitive advantage with superior voice-of-customer insights

Your buyers hold all the answers to creating a lasting competitive advantage — if you know how to ask them. We do. Ask us how.

Supplement your marketing team with training and/or fractional strategy support

New marketing skills and experience will help your company compete on a new level. Let us augment your current marketing team without adding to your headcount.

Our Strategic Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy Services

“The first natural advantage of good strategy arises because other organizations often don't have one. And because they don't expect you to have one, either. A good strategy has coherence, coordinating actions, policies, and resources so as to accomplish an important end. Many organizations, most of the time don't have this. Instead, they have multiple goals and initiatives that symbolize progress, but no coherent approach to accomplishing that progress other than “ spend more and try harder. “

Good Strategy / Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

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Market Research Services

Marketing is about providing value to your buyers. But value is a moving target. Buyers’ perceptions and value requirements are subjective, change over time, and can easily vary from one market to the next. Guessing what buyers value is a 50/50 proposition in your home market and decidedly more risky when marketing abroad. What would it be worth to your business to understand how to provide more value to your buyers than your competitors? That is the value of primary market research. 

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Brand Identity Services

“If you are not a brand then you are a commodity and can only compare on price”

Philip Kotler. Brand identity should be crafted to support the Marketing Strategy. It is important because it helps differentiate the brand, enhances recognition and recall, builds trust and credibility, creates emotional connections, ensures consistency, and supports brand extension and expansion. It plays a crucial role in shaping customer perceptions, driving customer loyalty, and ultimately contributing to the success and growth of a business.

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Brand Management Services

Effective Brand Management establishes a strong and differentiated Brand Identity, cultivates brand loyalty, and builds trust with customers. It involves strategic planning, monitoring, and adaptation to maintain brand relevance, protect brand reputation, and maximize Brand Equity. By actively managing a brand, businesses can influence customer perceptions, differentiate themselves from competitors, and ultimately drive long-term success in the marketplace.

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Global Messaging Platform Services

The most direct way that organizations communicate Brand Identity is through the messages they deliver to stakeholders. For International brands, this is even more critical because local differences in product offer, language, market conditions, and culture can all require subtle and not-so-subtle differences in messaging. A Messaging Platform for your brand provides a clear and consistent voice and message despite local differences. It guides your communication efforts across all global markets, ensuring that your brand's messages resonate with your local audience, fostering trust, connection, and differentiation.

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Localized Communication Strategy Services

Localization is the last mile of the communication journey. Having invested so much care, time, expertise, and budget on your message, make sure it creates the desired effect when it arrives at its final destination. It’s here where small mistakes with the language or culture can make a big difference in how your message and brand are received.

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Marketing Training & Development Services

Sales skills can only take an organization so far. To grow beyond that point, many organizations discover they need to develop Strategic Marketing competence. This is a normal part of most companies’ evolution and a necessary step to compete at a higher level in their category.  If you have come to the conclusion that a sharper marketing function would help your organization get to the next level, then be sure to enquire how Duffy Agency can help.

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Fractional CMO / Marketing Support

Gain access to top-tier marketing expertise without the costs of a full-time executive. Our dedicated fractional CMOs provide strategic guidance, oversee marketing initiatives, and optimize your marketing function for maximum impact. Whether you need to refine your marketing strategy, drive revenue growth, or enhance your brand positioning, our experienced professionals deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique goals. With Fractional CMO/Marketing Support, you'll unlock the power of effective marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost, empowering your organization to thrive in today's competitive landscape."

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