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Five DIY opportunities for marketers

A freelance collateral writer visited The Duffy Agency recently. She complained about the lack of opportunity in the market and blamed the changes in our industry. While I agree that the marketing... Read more

12 July, 2023

Social Media Mantra

What is a Social Media Mantra? Before you even think about online networking for your brand, I suggest the following exercise. First, take your shoes off. Close the blinds and dim the lights in your... Read more

5 July, 2023

The fallacy of global brand positioning

Is it really possible to define a brand position that works globally? When Jack Trout and Al Ries penned the marketing classic, "Positioning the Battle for Your Mind," most of the examples they used... Read more

14 April, 2023

5 tips for taking your brand abroad

What are the opportunities and challenges facing brands who wish to market themselves internationally? This was the focus of "Amerikadagen," a recent event sponsored by the Swedish-American Chamber... Read more

7 April, 2023

What Is Brand Focus? The Fear Factor

One of the primary tasks of strategic marketing is helping brands focus both their message and their target audience. But for brand managers that means making decisions. And that means taking risks,... Read more

27 March, 2023