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Why do most marketing initiatives fail?

  “Our tools are better. Our information is better. So why aren’t we better?” Have you ever seen a headline in the business press claiming that most brand launches or M&A-related... Read more

8 February, 2023

Successful sales, key learnings

Written by Mattias Palm In this article I will present 3 key learnings in order to be successful in sales. The relationship between sales and marketing department will be discussed, the classical... Read more

8 May, 2019

Older Adults and Social Media Marketing

Written by Slav Slavov Figure 1. Older Adults and social media marketing can co-exist (Source: Adweek, 2017) Once Upon A Time, There Was A Stereotype About Older Adults… Let’s admit it! In... Read more

27 December, 2018

6 tips to play the Instagram game like Nike

Written by Paulina Haux Lets be straightforward. Every brand manager should include Instagram in their marketing strategy (NewsCred, 2015). If you have not included Instagram in your marketing... Read more

8 August, 2018