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We're popping Champagne at the agency today to celebrate the official launch of, a website we developed with the United ...

19 Apr 2011 2627 Views

We’re popping Champagne at the agency today to celebrate the official launch of, a website we developed with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as part of an awareness/fundraising campaign.

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At the outset of the project we declared the campaign a guilt-free zone where we would try to focus on the positive and avoid the “poverty porn” approach (see Online charities: When bad tactics happen to good causes). Instead, we wanted to leverage the positive aspects of sharing food and being social.

The campaign aims to generate donations through the online feedback calculator. But just as important is generating awareness by having visitors donate a little time to spread the word about WeFeedback and the WFP.

The cause couldn’t be more worthy. The WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization. It helps millions of people each year providing food to those in need so they can break the cycle of poverty and move on with their lives. Their goal for 2011 is to help 90 million people and WeFeedback will help with some of that.

So far, the site has generated a stir online with buzz boosters like today’s excellent article by Zachary Sniderman in Mashable helping get the word out. As of this writing, donations from the site have provided over 112,000 meals to hungry children. WeFeedback Logo - TheDuffyAgency

Nancy Roman, Director of WFP’s Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnership Division has called the WeFeedback initiative a portal into a “brave new world of philanthropy”. Be part of the grand experiment. Check out the site. Help spread the word and please provide your feedback on how we could make the site even better.

Oh, and the Champagne? Yes, we fed-it-back and provided meals to 235 children in the process.

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