Steve Wozniak on Marketing

While there isn't a tech CEO I've met who would refute this simple truth, very few are able to embrace it, no less practice it. Why is tha... Read more

24 October, 2013

Social Media Mantra

Before you even think about online networking for your brand, I suggest the following exercise. First, take your shoes off. Close the blinds... Read more

16 April, 2013

Survival is overrated

We would like to give a big thanks to the CEOs who attended the workshop, "Survival is Overrated" at MINC today. We enjoyed getting to know ... Read more

9 November, 2012

Why the CMO has to go

The life expectancy of a CMO has reached an all time high of 3.5 years (nearly double what is was five years ago) but it seems the rift betw... Read more

26 September, 2012