Can pharma cure its brands?

HOW SALES-CENTRIC MARKETING KILLS PHARMA BRANDS Excerpt from Life Science Reporter article by Jacob Fleming: " What is the best way to hel... Read more

8 July, 2008

Duffy Reunion BBQ 2.0

IS NOTHING SACRED? It all started when my brother Kevin set up a Wiki to help organize our family reunion. The welcome message on the Wiki ... Read more

1 July, 2008

What Apple learned from NASA

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELEASING AND LAUNCHING NEW PRODUCTS The new iPhone will continue to gain traction in our collective imagination unt... Read more

12 June, 2008

What is social media?

Everyone is blogging about social media these days.  So much so that one would assume that the whole world is familiar with this term. ... Read more

10 June, 2008