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You know Obama's social media campaign is working when third parties start chipping in. Case in point Paste Magazine’s Obamicon&n...

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Yes you can

You know Obama’s social media campaign is working when third parties start chipping in. Case in point Paste Magazine’s Obamicon UGC campaign site which was launched on January 7th.

An ingenious idea inspired by the iconic poster art of Shepard Fairey, the site allows visitors to upload photos then turn them into a Fairey-esque poster.

You can use one of the slogans from the election campaign or create your own.  And after you have done all this why stop there? Go to the Obamicon store and order your T-Shirt or coffee mug with your own (or someone else’s) Obamicon.


Barack-is-hopeAt the bottom of the Obamicon page is an invitation to learn more about Paste Magazine and a trial offer. I had never heard of Paste Magazine before January 7th. But after visiting the site, I felt positive about their brand and checked them out.  If I was into entertainment news I would have surely taken them up on their trial offer. I imagine many have.

The UGC campaign has helped the Paste brand, but it is probably doing even more for the brand Obama. Every day, thousands of people visit the Paste site to interact with the Obama brand for 20 minutes or so in a very personal way. That is any brand manager’s dream. I bet this will be just the beginning of the brand Obama spinoffs and tributes. I hear that a new musical entitled “Obama On My Mind” will premiere on March 21 at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in north London. (I read that in Paste).

Check out Obamacon.me. Its a lot of fun. A few of my favorites are below. You can see my complete list of Obamacon favorites HERE

Grope FrogressNever-gonna

Hero Picture 42 Cheney-2012

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