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The social vote: Obama vs. Romney

OK, all the Americans at The Duffy Agency have now voted. Like many Americans, I'll be watching the results come in for the rest of the day trying to piece together fragments of data to divine who my... Read more

6 November, 2012

Obamicon yourself!

You know Obama's social media campaign is working when third parties start chipping in. Case in point Paste Magazine’s Obamicon UGC campaign site which was launched on January 7th. An ingenious... Read more

22 January, 2009

Obama online: Now what?

OBAMA'S INTERNET PRESENCE WILL CONTINUE TO PLAY STRONG ROLE IN HIS PRESIDENCY If there is anyone out there who still doubts the power of the internet to shape public opinion and forge alliances;... Read more

7 November, 2008

Barack Obama spotted in Burnout Paradise.

ARE WE WITNESSING THE BEST SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGN EVER? Politics aside, I have to hand it to brand Obama. It’s no secret that the Obama camp has vastly out gunned McCain with regard to... Read more

14 October, 2008