The Arise of Instagram’s Society.

With over 400 million stories per day, Instagram is considered as a magnificent tool. Firms should adopt stories in their strategy...

31 Jul 2019 1861 Views

Written by Paraskevi Devreli

Instagram logo
Image 1: Instagram logo (Peterson, 2018)

The arise of Instagram’s society.

Today, we are experiencing the dramatic change in communication and the emergence of social media, especially the Instagram network is considered as the most recognizable in the new generation. Actually, the active members of this platform are accounted to be more than 500 million[x]. For that reason, companies need to learn how to be associated with social media and traditional ways of marketing as part of an ecosystem that will help them to achieve their main objectives [viii]. It is important for firms to adopt social media in their strategies however, they should not forget other traditional activities [i].

As a mobile application for sharing photos, Instagram transforms itself as an amazing communication and marketing tool, available for use by all businesses, including small companies and startups [xv]. Furthermore, Instagram, as one of social media, enables firms to achieve the best performance by creating and influencing brand or product awareness [viii]. Moreover, customers have the power to relate with other people, brands or products and to be creative by taking advantage the use of the internet [vi].

Nowadays, the new trend that companies are trying to manage is the Instagram stories which made their appearance in 2016 [v]. More and more young people are sharing their daily lives in those stories like maniacs, only because the want to figure what is the extent of their response among their network friends. With other words they want to notice how recognizable they are in their network society.

In fact, Instagram is turned into a unique network that targets ordinary people and companies [xii]. Indeed, if you are coming from the business world, you can use Instagram’s stories either for an inspirational product or brand promotion, or to increase your sales or just to interact and have fun with your customers [xii].

Bellow I share 5 ways that Instagram’s stories can be beneficial to your company. So maybe next time you will consider it to add Instagram’s stories in your marketing strategy as an inspirational movement.

1. 1. The rule of 3 to 60 sec record

ore and more companies are using Instagram’s stories as a simple way to advertise their brands or products. The company can record all or a part of the commercial activity from 3 to 60 seconds in each story. This is enough, according to neuroscience, for people to respond and identify the product [ii] and this can lead to the increasement of their awareness and commitment for brands or products.

It’s obvious that if the customer wants to continue watching or move forward to the next step, such as a purchase, it is easier for him/her to swipe up or tap on the story and automatically consumer will be transferred on the company’s webpage. Indeed, Instagram stories offer a few information about the company or the product. Hence the link between social network and webpage it is always a great help [i].

Screenshots from Intimissimi’s story
Image 2: Screenshots from Intimissimi’s story that shows the link between webpage and Instagram


2. The storytelling of something new

eresting to communicate with their followers on social network by revealing something new that is going to happen with just posting comments and now by using stories. Thus, a story is giving to the companies the opportunity to introduce a new campaign that is soon going to start or a new event that is going to happen.

The events and the campaigns are usually a necessity as they allow companies to build their own image and to establish strong and deeper relationships with their customers. By using social media that considered as the new generation of word-of-mouth communication [iv], businesses are widening the speed of transmission of messages between followers and them.

Screenshots of firms which inform for an upcoming event
Image 3: Screenshots of firms which inform for an upcoming event


3. You ask, we answer!

m introduced the opportunity for you to have a question sticker in your story [ix]. Indeed, this has automatically defined the communication to a higher level for the companies. With other words, firms have the ability to provide exclusivity by personalized their targets. In addition, companies interact with their customers and develop personal relationship with them as the Instagram’s questions allow a directly discussion [xiii]

Due to the two-way communication inside the network, customers feel unique and special as the company respond to their questions and share them inside the Instagram society. According the way they are feeling, consumers are able to transfer their experience to others through the same network by making an already extension on word of mouth communication [iv][xiii]

Screenshots of Gina Tricot that posting questions
Image 4: Screenshots of Gina Tricot that posting questions


4. Your opinion is all that is matter

Screenshot that shows the use of poll sticker by