What does a brand strategist do for a living?

This was the question recently posed to me by CJ Walker, head of Firehead one of Europe's top recruitment firms specialized i...

11 Jun 2012 24683 Views

what does a brand strategist do

Brand strategists – what do they do?

Many people ask themselves “what do brand strategists do?”. This was also the question recently posed to me by CJ Walker, head of Firehead one of Europe’s top recruitment firms specialized in web content and technical communication. It’s the type of question that you don’t think about very much until someone like CJ asks you directly.

I’ve done my best to provide a lucid answer on the Firehead blog where CJ published our interview. If you’re wondering who is a brand strategist and how becoming a brand strategist changes life, it’s worth a read.

Becoming a brand strategist – the takeaway

If you want to learn more about becoming a brand strategist, more recently, I’ve been interviewed by Bernard Clive in terms of the role a brand strategist plays online. Listen to the interview or read the transcript.

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