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Engaged prospects convert to customers more often. Engaged customers buy more often. Engaged brand advocates mention the brand more often. All these create a powerful competitive advantage for brands that can master engagement. This online customer engagement guide will help you do just that.

Most books on this topic present a litany of tactics that will provide a temporary boost in engagement metrics. This book is different. It delves into the root cause of engagement problems on a brand level and provides a six-step guide to solve them. The result will be a brand that is better adapted to the online environment and better able to attract and engage the right audience.

What’s inside

This 63-page guide will show you step-by-step:

  • How to define online marketing objectives
  • How to tell your entire brand story in four seconds or less
  • How to properly define your brand’s category
  • How to write a compelling value proposition
  • How to define a competitive position for your brand
  • How to build credibility and trust with your brand profile

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