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Apple: Brand equity in action

Busy business people are quick to relegate things they don't regard as important to the "soft issues" bucket. I've seen everything from product design to consumer perception to brand strategy in that... Read more

13 June, 2022

Five Tips To Improve Your Employer Brand

Written by Joel Isopahkala Image 1: Employer Branding should appear on every level at the workplace (ReviewTrackers, 2017) Employer branding is the process of creating the greatest workplace... Read more

2 October, 2019

Customer-based brand equity

A practical model for developing international brands You want to build your brand’s equity. But a quick survey of the models for doing so reveal a plethora of options. I’ve found most of these... Read more

14 June, 2012

The McElroy “Brand Man” Memo turns 80

Next time you dash off a memo or post, consider young Neil McElroy sitting behind his Royal Typewriter on May 13, 1931 drafting the 800-word memo below. It was drab and rainy in Cincinnati that... Read more

11 May, 2011

Why bother monitoring buzz?

Can you imagine a marketing manager letting brand-related websites, endorsements, editorials, images, or videos be broadcast without review or approval? I can’t. Companies want to control the... Read more

28 September, 2010