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5 tips for taking your brand abroad

What are the opportunities and challenges facing brands who wish to market themselves internationally? This was the focus of "Amerikadagen," a recent event sponsored by the Swedish-American Chamber... Read more

7 April, 2023

Why the CMO has to go

The life expectancy of a CMO has reached an all time high of 3.5 years (nearly double what is was five years ago) but it seems the rift between CEOs and their CMOs has never been greater. That was... Read more

26 September, 2012

The rise of the “ROI Marketer”? Hell No!

Part 1 of 2 The concept of the “ROI Marketer” was coined this month in a report from the The Fournaise Marketing Group. Here’s why I think this is the worst idea in marketing —  and why it... Read more

25 July, 2012

Why bother monitoring buzz?

Can you imagine a marketing manager letting brand-related websites, endorsements, editorials, images, or videos be broadcast without review or approval? I can’t. Companies want to control the... Read more

28 September, 2010