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Pharma, heal thyself

I received the following questions from a student at the University of Oregon. She is looking into the history of pharmaceutical marketing and the tactics they use to reach their customers. Thanks to... Read more

13 May, 2009

Why pharma needs social media

The following is a reply posted in Ad Age in response to the article Big Pharma Finally Taking Big Steps to Reach Patients With Digital Media I've always found it ironic that an industry that... Read more

11 May, 2009

Can pharma cure its brands?

HOW SALES-CENTRIC MARKETING KILLS PHARMA BRANDS Excerpt from Life Science Reporter article by Jacob Fleming: " What is the best way to help doctors and patients to get our... Read more

8 July, 2008

Can Pharma and Social Media Coexist?

A FEW POINTERS BASED ON THE US MARKET There has been a lot of enlightening discussions this week at Jacob Fleming's 6th Annual Pharma Branding Summit. The global meeting is being held in Barcelona... Read more

30 May, 2008