How does value-based pricing apply to Duffy Agency’s services?

“In the final analysis, time is not money (or value) and customers do not buy hours. Pricing by the hour is causing professional firms to focus on the wrong things, with deleterious consequences.” – Ron Baker, Implementing Value Pricing

For each project, Duffy Agency strives to offer clients pricing and payment options, not a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie-cutter proposition. To do this, we start each project with a value discussion to agree on a price and payment terms at the outset.  You’ll notice this discussion is focused on your results and the value you receive as opposed to our costs and the time we spend. This discussion will establish:

  • How the project is intended to contribute to your business goals
  • The objectives of the project and how will they be measured
  • Scope, timing, and expectations for how the project will be run
  • Ways to align the financial interests of the client and agency
  • Pricing is based on the value the work provides, not agency costs
  • Price options that let you choose your desired risk level
  • Payment terms based on a range of options