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Social media and the 10% solution.

I'm often asked if brands should use traditional or social media. The question is often phrased as if the two are mutually exclusive and you need to be on one camp or the other. But social media vs.... Read more

28 October, 2010

Why bother monitoring buzz?

Can you imagine a marketing manager letting brand-related websites, endorsements, editorials, images, or videos be broadcast without review or approval? I can’t. Companies want to control the... Read more

28 September, 2010

What next: 2010 Youth Trends Report

"The future is here... It's just not evenly distributed." This quote from William Gibson is a fitting opening to Graham Brown's 2010 Youth Trends report. If you are marketing to this segment then I... Read more

26 January, 2010

The 4Cs: What Kotler didn’t tell you.

Thanks to Dr. Tarnovskaya and all the students at Lund University’s School of Economics and Management for a productive seminar, “The 4Cs: What Kotler didn’t tell you.” The talk... Read more

14 October, 2008

The Easiest Question in Marketing

I read a recent post by one of my favorite marketing authors, Seth Godin, titled “The Myth of Launch PR”. He talks about companies who are obsessed with publicity as they launch their brand onto... Read more

12 September, 2008