Strategic Consulting

Growth Assessment

What is the market opportunity for your company and how could digital technology help you realize more of it? This is the key question we explore in our growth assessment. It’s often the case that people inside the company are too close to see growth opportunities for their business. This is particularly true for digital growth opportunities where many executives have a blind spot. We supplement this with an outside perspective that is both digitally-competent and internationally focused. This assessment identifies new growth opportunities and defines how the company could best capitalize on them.

Target & Market Insights

Every marketing decision made is based on assumptions about your target and the market. That’s why, before Duffy Agency develops target personas and their path-to-purchase, we like to test those assumptions. Our aim is to understand a company’s prospects and market trends better than its competitors, and then to act on that information before they do. Duffy Agency offers a range of techniques to deliver timely and actionable insights on a global basis.

Brand Development Strategy

How does a brand become unique and remain so? The risk with most brand strategies is that they can get so caught up in theories, models, and pretty words that they offer little in the way of actionable advice. Duffy Agency takes a more practical approach. Our five-step brand development process works outward from a client’s business objectives to identify and quantify new growth opportunities. We then define the most competitive target segments, category, value proposition, position, and profile to reach its objectives. All of our strategies are delivered with a road map and timeline with concrete milestones to guide a brand’s growth.

Online/Digital Strategy

The internet has developed a nasty reputation for gobbling up marketing budgets without yielding business results — if there’s no strategy in place to prevent it. Duffy Agency’s digital strategy identifies new growth opportunities online and demonstrates how to derive the most awareness, engagement, and conversion from online activities. We work outward from a client’s brand strategy and existing online assets to define the optimal digital footprint for the brand. This includes clear objectives and KPIs for all digital assets and activities. As with all Duffy Agency strategy documents, it concludes with a road map and timeline to guide implementation.

SEO Strategy

Using keyword research, trend analysis, and competitive profiling, Duffy Agency determines the keywords that would be best for the brand to rank highly on. Then we devise a strategy of how to best use both on-page and off-page SEO tactics to start building rank and attracting more of the right prospects.

Content Strategy

If a brand is online, it is already engaging in content marketing. A solid strategy will ensure that your own online presence attracts the appropriate audience and conveys the right brand message. Duffy Agency Content Strategists work closely with our SEO and Target Insight teams to attract the best prospects early in their path-to-purchase, long before competitors have a chance to introduce themselves.

Networking (Social Media) Strategy

Today, a brand is defined, in large part, by how it behaves online. A networking strategy ensures that online behavior sends a clear and consistent message that is in sync with the brand. Duffy Agency divides this work into reactive vs. proactive strategies. The reactive strategy defines how the brand responds to prospects, customers, competitors, and world events. The proactive strategy defines how the brand targets, locates, and reaches out to initiate relationships.