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This job has been filled and we are no longer accepting applications.


Why join us?

This is a ground-level opportunity in a start-up environment. That means more responsibility, more exposure, and a broader job description than you’ll find elsewhere. If that excites you, then read on.

Duffy Agency recently relaunched with an innovative new digital marketing offer and a revolutionary flipped business model. The response from the market has been intense and we’re now working to scale our success. Our primary focus is developing digital-first, international marketing strategies to help businesses grow across borders. However, unlike most consultants, we stick around after providing our advice to oversee the implementation and management of our strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategist

This is a full-time position in our Malmö, Sweden office. As a digital strategist you’ll take the lead in helping our clients figure out how to best use the internet to achieve their international growth objectives. This often starts with an audit of the client’s digital assets as well as those of their competitors. From there, the digital strategist works closely with our marketing and brand strategists to develop an international web presence architecture and online marketing strategy. The result is clear roadmap that orchestrates all relevant digital channels and tactics into one actionable plan.

This job is made for you if …

  • You’re naturally curious and proactive
  • Helping to build a new type of digital marketing firm makes your pulse race
  • You’re looking for more autonomy and a greater say at work
  • Being a cyber-sleuth comes second nature to you
  • Data doesn’t scare you
  • You find international travel energizing (our clients are all over the world)
  • You can relate to this HBR post

We’ll rely on you to 

  • Determine the best way for mid-sized companies to use digital technology to grow their business internationally.
  • Define digital marketing strategies for brands that incorporate all relevant online channels and tactics such as websites, content marketing, networking on social media, e-commerce, search and social advertising, SEO, marketing automation, apps, media/blogger outreach, etc…
  • Identify opportunities for clients to use digital technology to enhance their overall marketing mix: product, price, place or promotion.
  • Perform detailed desktop research into our clients, their category, and competitors across multiple markets.
  • De-construct competitive best practices in digital marketing and create benchmarks.
  • Define global web architecture detailing what sites and social assets the brand will maintain globally in various versions and languages.
  • Conduct web asset audits to map a brand’s global web presence and asses the effectiveness of each asset.
  • Work closely with the various specialists involved with the implementation and management of your digital strategies.

Other areas where you’ll help out

  • Support the lead marketing strategist with research, analysis and reporting in related areas such as market research, target segmentation and brands strategy.
  • Structure and present your recommendations to clients
  • Participate in new business activity
  • Help with the ongoing digitization of agency IP and processes

What will get you considered for the job

  • At least 3 years experience in a strategic marketing role
  • Experience dealing with international markets
  • Mastery of basic marketing principles such as target segmentation, category, value proposition, positioning, and brand strategy
  • Proficiency with SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Social platforms
  • Basic knowledge of website design, html, search and social advertising, URL architecting, programmatic advertising, email marketing, e-commerce
  • Fluent English and strong writing skills
  • Presentation skills are a definite plus

What will get you hired

  • Character, competence, and integrity
  • The mindset and skills to help build a new type of digital marketing firm
  • An entrepreneurial streak with strong initiative, curiosity and the desire to learn
  • Genuine interest in marketing strategy

Just to be clear

  • Full time position
  • Based in Malmö, Sweden
  • Education allowance
  • Five weeks vacation
  • Significant advancement opportunity
  • International applications are welcome, however relocation assistance will not be provided for this position
  • We embrace diversity and are an equal opportunity employer

This job has been filled and we are no longer accepting applications.

Position filled

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