Stop wasting time with “social media”

You have read how social media wastes a lot of people's time. I couldn't agree more. ...

19 Jul 2012 3868 Views

You have read how social media wastes a lot of people’s time. I couldn’t agree more. But I’m not talking about the three hours you spent on Pinterest last night. I’m talking about the hundereds of hours inprecise marketing language costs marketing departments and their vendors each day.

That’s why I was happy to see this new twist on an old meme from Alan Lepofsky. Holy Social Bat Slap. And nice segway to my post on why we all should drop the word “social media” from our marketing vocabulary. See more here: Why you should give up the words “Social Media”.

To make your own Bat Slap check out the Batman Comic Generator. Be sure to share your creations!


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Sean Duffy | @brandranter
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