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Faking the Funk: Avoiding Fake Followers

Written by Cristina González Bustillo We all use social media regularly, every day, several times. But are we aware of the advantages that they provide us with? Social Media update Since... Read more

24 April, 2019

Shoppable Instagram Posts

Written by Julia Ausserdorfer With their latest feature, namely shoppable Instagram posts, the social media platform has managed to revolutionize online shopping. Only one tap on the post or the... Read more

12 March, 2019

#Foodstagram: is your pizza instagrammable?

Written by Enrico Signorelli “We are a social pizzeria. The food is first tasted with the eyes, then with the nose and just at the end with the mouth”- Paolo Ghidini, pizza-maker and co-owner... Read more

24 October, 2018