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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Creep

  A recent headline in USA Today read, “Santa's becoming a September fixture” citing Christmas promotions beginning as early as July and August. It’s a retail phenomenon called... Read more

16 November, 2011

Borders: A brand tragedy

  As Borders fades into oblivion I'm left mourning  the loss of my favorite urban hangout. But a quick look back at the way the company was managed tells the story of brand that simply... Read more

16 August, 2011

TalentZoo’s Most Read Blog Post of 2010

Last week, I received some very good—and very flattering—news. In April, the career site, TalentZoo.com, asked if I would be interested in writing a guest blog for their site. I was honored... Read more

7 January, 2011

The Fifteen Most Hated Brands in America

Customers, employees, shareholders and taxpayers hate large corporations for many reasons. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed many of these to choose the 15 most hated companies in America.via... Read more

6 January, 2011

The 8 Myths of Marketing in China

Today, I’m hosting a webinar on the challenges Western brands face when they market their products in China. The talk covers why your biggest obstacles aren't what you think and how to get your... Read more

23 September, 2010

Twitter Mosaic Tool – picture your followers

OK, this may not be the most useful business tool for Twitter, but it is fun. What makes this really cool is that you can click on any one of the thumbnails in your mosiac to learn more about the... Read more

21 September, 2009