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How to turn your marketing up to ’11

In my latest post for TalentZoo.com, How to turn your marketing up to ’11 (and good news for the rest of us), I put together a list of trends that I wish all marketers would adopt in... Read more

19 January, 2011

Movember: The Final Tally

  Movember 2010 is history. As the dust (and whisker clippings) settle, we are able to gauge the success of this year’s effort. I'm happy to report that Team Duffy raised $1,010 for the... Read more

29 December, 2010

Why bother monitoring buzz?

Can you imagine a marketing manager letting brand-related websites, endorsements, editorials, images, or videos be broadcast without review or approval? I can’t. Companies want to control the... Read more

28 September, 2010