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The fake reality of influencers on Instagram

Written by Lusiyana Dimitrova I guess all of you on some level follower an influencer, celebrity or a famous person on your social media accounts, like Instagram. An influencer is someone who can... Read more

19 February, 2019

#Foodstagram: is your pizza instagrammable?

Written by Enrico Signorelli “We are a social pizzeria. The food is first tasted with the eyes, then with the nose and just at the end with the mouth”- Paolo Ghidini, pizza-maker and co-owner... Read more

24 October, 2018

6 tips to play the Instagram game like Nike

Written by Paulina Haux Lets be straightforward. Every brand manager should include Instagram in their marketing strategy (NewsCred, 2015). If you have not included Instagram in your marketing... Read more

8 August, 2018