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Steve Jobs’ 1997 brand prophesy

Want a 60-minute crash course in how to build a successful brand? I suggest you reserve an hour and watch the video below. It's Steve Jobs' 1997 WWDC closing keynote where he prophesied the future of... Read more

26 August, 2011

The McElroy “Brand Man” Memo turns 80

Next time you dash off a memo or post, consider young Neil McElroy sitting behind his Royal Typewriter on May 13, 1931 drafting the 800-word memo below. It was drab and rainy in Cincinnati that... Read more

11 May, 2011

The meaning of love (for marketers).

  Happy Valentine's Day! All of us at The Duffy Agency created this Video Valentine for you to ponder the power of love as a brand. If you like it, spread the love with your favorite marketer... Read more

14 February, 2011

Movember: The Final Tally

  Movember 2010 is history. As the dust (and whisker clippings) settle, we are able to gauge the success of this year’s effort. I'm happy to report that Team Duffy raised $1,010 for the... Read more

29 December, 2010