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Why do most marketing initiatives fail?

  “Our tools are better. Our information is better. So why aren’t we better?” Have you ever seen a headline in the business press claiming that most brand launches or M&A-related... Read more

8 February, 2023

Live Video for Successful Branding

Written by Miglena Zlatanova Do you want to be better than Apple at branding through live video? Follow the 5-steps checklist.  There is no room for mistakes. We are live in 3, 2, 1,... Read more

12 December, 2018

#Foodstagram: is your pizza instagrammable?

Written by Enrico Signorelli “We are a social pizzeria. The food is first tasted with the eyes, then with the nose and just at the end with the mouth”- Paolo Ghidini, pizza-maker and co-owner... Read more

24 October, 2018