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Apple: Brand equity in action

Busy business people are quick to relegate things they don't regard as important to the "soft issues" bucket. I've seen everything from product design to consumer perception to brand strategy in that... Read more

13 June, 2022

Steve Wozniak on Marketing

Steve Wozniak courtesy of Marketing Week While there isn't a tech CEO I've met who would refute this simple truth, very few are able to embrace it, no less practice it. Why is that? The Apple... Read more

24 October, 2013

Steve Jobs’ 1997 brand prophesy

Want a 60-minute crash course in how to build a successful brand? I suggest you reserve an hour and watch the video below. It's Steve Jobs' 1997 WWDC closing keynote where he prophesied the future of... Read more

26 August, 2011

What Apple learned from NASA

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELEASING AND LAUNCHING NEW PRODUCTS   The new iPhone will continue to gain traction in our collective imagination until it goes on sale next month. For my... Read more

12 June, 2008