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The social media summer survival guide

Working this summer? This may help. A few of us at The Duffy Agency put together our top five tips for surviving the summer with the help of social meida. Hope you have a great... Read more

13 July, 2011

How to turn your marketing up to ’11

In my latest post for TalentZoo.com, How to turn your marketing up to ’11 (and good news for the rest of us), I put together a list of trends that I wish all marketers would adopt in... Read more

19 January, 2011

Our Top 10 Social Media Fails

The spring edition of The Duffy International Tribune is ready for download The Summer edition of our newsletter, The International Duffy Tribune, is ready for download. This issue has a heavy... Read more

10 May, 2010

Congrats to Methodical Madness blog

We have two blogs at The Duffy Agency: Brand Rants and Methodical Madness. The latter has just been voted #1 among 58 ad agency blogs globally according to a poll run by Michael Gass. Many thanks to... Read more

8 December, 2009

Social media kudos for The Duffy Agency

Twitter and Blog both recognized this week. It's been a good week at The Duffy Agency. Business is brisk, the weather is wonderful and we received two small items of recognition in social media... Read more

9 October, 2009

News you can use

Download your complementary copy of The International Duffy Tribune  We've just published the summer edition of The International Duffy Tribune at the agency. It's a collection of marketing and... Read more

4 June, 2009

Brand Rants blog now available on Kindle

Kindle now offers its users the opportunity to subscribe to their favorite blogs via their Kindle. New posts are automatically delivered to the hand-held device for a subscription fee of $0.99 per... Read more

13 May, 2009