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The Ad Agency Pitch Process Must Die

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to stop working for free. And if you run your own advertising or creative services firm, I hope you’ll join me. This would not seem like such an outrageous... Read more

18 January, 2012

Will Direct Response Save Advertising?

Last week I read a great op-ed piece in The Boston Globe by Alex Poulos called “Mad Men of the Future.” He makes several excellent observations. But overall, the article paints a pretty dreary... Read more

24 June, 2011

Social media and the 10% solution.

I'm often asked if brands should use traditional or social media. The question is often phrased as if the two are mutually exclusive and you need to be on one camp or the other. But social media vs.... Read more

28 October, 2010

What I learned at Cannes Lions 2009

Big ideas win big at Cannes. Will advertising ever be the same? The global slowdown in the ad biz took center stage at every talk and seminar this year at Cannes Lions. You could also see it in... Read more

17 July, 2009