Online Management Services

Duffy Agency provides a modular range of online brand-management services to choose from. Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution or would like us to help augment your team, Duffy Agency can help.

Search and Social Advertising

Strategically executed, search and social advertising is an effective way to supplement organic search and inbound marketing efforts. However, the results you achieve can vary widely depending on how the money is invested. Duffy Agency can manage search and social advertising for you. In most cases, we’re able to increase the results by 20% or more.

E-Commerce Management

Who’s running the shop has a big impact on online sales. Duffy Agency can proactively manage your online shop with the objective of optimizing traffic and conversion. We do this with constant A/B testing and adapting to changes in the market. Each quarter, our e-commerce manager provides a benchmarked e-commerce progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Community Management

The community manager oversees social and content programs to ensure they are being run according to plan. These managers provide real-time direction to the various individuals who may be contributing on social media sites or publishing platforms. During critical periods, they can step in for crisis management. They also establish reputation monitoring routines, monitor online buzz, and all platform metrics. Each quarter they report on the platform’s overall performance with analysis and recommendations for course corrections.

Social Media Programs

Duffy Agency creates a strategy and defines success metrics (KPIs) for each social site where the brand has a presence. Then we provide an asset playbook that includes step-by-step instructions on how the social account should be run. After that, we can either train your staff to run these assets or we can run some or all of them for you. In either case, we provide quarterly, benchmarked Social Media progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Content Marketing Programs

Duffy Agency can operationalize content strategy with KPIs, ideation support, sourcing of content creators, and production routines for each asset. After that, we can train staff to manage the editorial calendar, content production, posting, and promotion. Alternatively, we can run part or all of this process for you. We provide quarterly, benchmarked Content Marketing progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

SEO Management

Duffy Agency works with both on-page and off-page SEO proactively to ensure your brand ranks well on its keywords and that its search position is constantly strengthened. This includes ongoing keyword research and trend analysis. We provide quarterly, benchmarked SEO progress reports with expert analysis and recommendations.

Language and Cultural Adaptation

One of the biggest communication challenges for international brands online is keeping up with the need for cultural adaptation and translation. Duffy Agency can help by providing one point of contact to manage all your brand’s language and cultural needs globally. We can set up and run a custom process to ensure timely and cost-effective translation and adaptation.