Digital Creative

At Duffy Agency, we want our creations to make a measurable difference for your business. To ensure that they do, Duffy Agency’s efforts need to serve the brand’s larger strategic purpose and business objectives. We see digital creative services as a natural follow-through to our strategies. That’s why we only provide creative services to clients who have also engaged Duffy Agency for strategy work and do not accept ad-hoc creative assignments.

Brand Storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell. What’s yours? Duffy Agency works closely with clients to construct compelling brand back stories and engaging narratives that move the brand forward. These stories are integrated into everything else created for the brand.

Websites and Web Shops

The hub of your digital platform must set the stage for success. Duffy-designed websites and web shops work to attract inbound traffic, demonstrate brand values, and convert visitors into believers. Duffy Agency incorporates the latest marketing automation features. We can develop your next website from concept and wireframes through copy and design to development and hosting.

Online Promotional Campaigns

A regular schedule of online promotions can provide a big boost to the size and engagement level of your online audience. Duffy Agency starts by defining objectives, then can design, produce, and manage your brands online campaigns for optimal results.

Social Media Contests and Engagement Activities

A proven method for boosting awareness, engagement, and followers on social sites. Contests and online activities demonstrate brand values and develop your online audience. Duffy Agency defines the desired metrics to hit, then creates and manages social activities to reach them.

Video strategy & production

Video content has been proven to boost conversion rates as well as lead generation and nurturing efforts. Duffy Agency can help you set-up a video program from scratch or optimize an existing program. Our services cover strategy and planning to production, testing, tracking and analysis.

Newsletters and Other Digital Content

Whether publishing a Facebook stream, blog, YouTube channel, or simple newsletter, Duffy Agency can help with content ideation. We can provide fresh ideas and then, if you need, follow through with editorial calendar management, production management, as well as publishing and promoting your content.

Custom Apps

Custom apps are very effective for taking your message mobile and developing loyalty. Creative use of apps allow brands to demonstrate their values as opposed to simply talking about them. Duffy Agency creates app concepts that reinforce brand values, then we design, develop, produce, and publicize them to drive uptake.