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Online marketing: A shift in power dynamics

Written by Ane Egetoft Nielsen It is no surprise that the use of online marketing platforms has increased tremendously within the latest years and continues to do so. Like in any other developing... Read more

29 January, 2019

Brand Focus: Getting to the point

Five filters to sharpen your communication’s focus. TMI, or too much information, isn’t just a funny internet acronym. It’s the reason why many brands fail to get traction in the market with... Read more

19 June, 2014

Brand Focus: The fear factor

One of the primary tasks of strategic marketing is helping brands focus both their message and their target audience. But for brand managers that means making decisions. And that means taking risks,... Read more

27 May, 2014

Getting your brand found online

There are only three ways new prospects can find your brand online, be sure to use all of them. So you have set up a brand website with helpful content for your prospects, perhaps you have an... Read more

13 May, 2014

5 Tips for taking your brand abroad

What are the opportunities and challenges facing brands who wish to market themselves internationally? This was the focus of "Amerikadagen," a recent event sponsored by the Swedish-American Chamber... Read more

8 April, 2014